Immunology & Cancer


Visualizing tumour self-homing with magnetic particle imaging.

Katie M Parkins, Kierstin P Melo, John A Ronald, Paula J Foster; bioRxiv 2020.02.17.953232;

doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.17.953232


Cellular uptake of magnetic nanoparticles imaged and quantified by magnetic particle imaging

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Magnetic Particle Imaging of Macrophages Associated with Cancer: Filling the Voids Left by Iron-Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Mol Imaging Biol (2020). Makela, A.V., Gaudet, J.M., Schott, M.A. et al.



Sight and switch off: Nerve density visualization for interventions targeting nerves in prostate cancer.

Huijuan You, Wenting Shang, Xiangde Min, Jeffrey Weinreb, Qiubai Li, Michael Leapman, Liang Wang, and Jie Tian. Science Advances  05 Feb 2020: Vol. 6, no. 6, eaax6040

DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aax6040


Trimodal Cell Tracking In Vivo: Combining Iron- and Fluorine-Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Magnetic Particle Imaging to Monitor the Delivery of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and the Ensuing Inflammation.

Olivia C. Sehl, Ashley V. Makela, Amanda M. Hamilton, and Paula J. Foster Tomography. 2019 Dec; 5(4): 367–376.

doi: 10.18383/j.tom.2019.00020




Theranostics and Drug Delivery


Using magnetic particle imaging systems to localize and guide magnetic hyperthermia treatment: tracers, hardware, and future medical applications

Chandrasekharan P, Tay ZW, Hensley D, et al. Theranostics. 2020;10(7):2965–2981. Published 2020 Feb 10. doi:10.7150/thno.40858


Versatile iron cobalt nanoparticles for theranostics.

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Magnetic particle imaging performance of liposomes encapsulating iron oxide nanoparticles

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Nanoparticle Tracer Development


Zero valent iron core–iron oxide shell nanoparticles as small magnetic particle imaging tracers

Lucy Gloag, et.al., Chem. Commun., 2020,56, 3504-3507


Complex Relationship Between Signal Intensity Properties in Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) and Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Degradation.
Guzy, Julia; Chakravarty, Shatadru; Buchanan, Foster; Chen, Haoran; M. Gaudet,
Jeffrey; Hix, Jeremy; et al. (2020): ChemRxiv. Preprint.



Carbon-coated FeCo nanoparticles as sensitive magnetic-particle-imaging tracers with photothermal and magnetothermal properties.
Song, G., Kenney, M., Chen, Y. et al. Nat Biomed Eng 4, 325–334 (2020).



Artificially Engineered Cubic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle as a High-Performance Magnetic Particle Imaging Tracer for Stem Cell Tracking.
Qiyue Wang, Xibo Ma, Hongwei Liao, Zeyu Liang, Fangyuan Li, Jie Tian, Daishun Ling,
ACS Nano 2020, 14, 2, 2053-2062 https://doi.org/10.1021/acsnano.9b08660












Circulating tumor cell investigation in breast cancer patient-derived xenograft models by automated immunofluorescence staining, image acquisition, and single cell retrieval and analysis
Rameriz A, Bhat R, Sahay D, et al.
BMC Cancer volume 19, Article number: 220 (2019)
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PIC&RUN: An integrated assay for the detection and retrieval of single viable circulating tumor cells
Kamal M, Saremi S, Klotz R, et al.
SciRep. 2019; 9(17470): 1-10.
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Validation Studies for Single Circulating Trophoblast Genetic Testing as a Form of Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis
Vossaert L, Wang Q, Salman R, et al.
AJHG. 2019; 105: 1-12
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A Rapid Method for Label-Free Enrichment of Rare Trophoblast Cells from Cervical Samples
Bailey-Hytholt C, Sayeed S, Kraus M, et al.
SciRep. 2019; 9(12115): 1-10.
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The RareCyte® Platform for Next-Generation Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells
Kaldjian, E, Ramirez A, Sun Y, et al.
Cytometry Part A. 2018; 93A: 1220-1225.
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Reliable detection of subchromosomal deletions and duplications using cell-based noninvasive prenatal testing
Vossaert L, Wang Q, Salman R, et al.
Prenat Diagn. 2018; 38: 1069-1078.
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Highly multiplexed immunofluorescence imaging of human tissues and tumors using t-CyCIF and conventional optical microscopes
Lin J, Izar B, Wang S, et al.
Elife. 2018; e31657: 1-46.
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Prostate cancer disseminated tumor cells are rarely detected in the bone marrow of patients with localized disease undergoing radical prostatectomy across multiple rare cell detection platforms
Chalfin H, Glavaris S, Malihi P, et al.
J Urol. 2018; 199(6): 1494-1501.
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A distributed network for intensive longitudinal monitoring in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer
Blau C, Ramirez A, Blau S, et al.
J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2016; 14(1): 8-17.
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Evidence for feasibility of fetal trophoblastic cell-based noninvasive prenatal testing
Breman A, Chow J, U’Ren L, et al.
Prenat Diagn. 2016; 36(11): 1009-1019.
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Nucleolin staining may aid in the identification of circulating prostate cancer cells
Chalfin H, Verdone, V, van der Toom E, Glavaris S, Gorin M, Pienta K.
Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2016; 15(3): 477-481.
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High-recovery visual identification and single-cell retrieval of circulating tumor cells for genomic analysis using a dual-technology platform integrated with automated immunofluorescence staining
Campton D, Ramirez A, Nordberg J, et al.
BMC Cancer. 2015; 15(360): 1-13.
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Select Posters


Sensitive Detection and Quantification of CAR-T Cells in Treated Patients
Presented by Crown Bio at AACR 2019
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Pick-Seq®: Spatial tissue analysis via multi‑parameter imaging and RNA sequencing of micro‑regions
Presented at SITC 2019
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Multiplex Immunofluorescence Staining, Whole Slide Imaging, and Spatial Phenotyping of T cell Exhaustion, Regulatory T cells, and Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells in Tumor FFPE Samples
Presented at SITC 2019
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Amplicon-based targeted sequencing of single circulating tumor cells
Presented at AMP 2019
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Custom biomarker investigation of circulating tumor cells using RarePlex® Developer Kits
Presented at ACTC 2019
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Identification, retrieval, and RNA sequencing of single rare antigen-specific T cells from circulation using the RareCyte®platform Presented at AACR 2019
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Targeted single cell DNA sequencing without prior whole genome amplification for mutational analysis of circulating tumor cells
Presented at AACR 2019
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TCR sequencing from tissue micro-regions and single cells utilizing RareCyte® CytePicker® and Archer® Immunoverse™ technologies 
Presented at AACR 2019
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Single cell molecular characterization and PD-L1 expression analysis of model CTC using the RareCyte platform
Presented at TriCon 2019
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Multiparameter tissue section imaging and retrieval of image-defined micro-regions for RNA sequencing using the RareCyte platform
Presented at TriCon 2019
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Simultaneous assessment of PD-L1 and IRF1 expression on breast cancer circulating tumor cells
Presented at AACR 2018
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Increased phenotypic depth for automated visual identification of biomarkers on circulating tumor cells by cocktailing epithelial markers EpCAM and cytokeratin
Presented at AACR 2018 
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Development of a multi-parameter immunofluorescence assay for identification of circulating tumor cells with epithelial-mesenchymal phenotype
Presented at AACR 2018 
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Development of a multi-parameter immunofluorescence assay for simultaneous detection of androgen receptor and androgen receptor variant 7 in prostate cancer circulating tumor cells
Presented at AACR 2018 
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Detection and retrieval of multiple myeloma cells with single cell molecular confirmation from peripheral blood by multi-parameter immunofluorescence, automated scanning and image analysis
Presented at AACR 2018 
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Novel multi-parameter assays for investigational phenotyping of circulating tumor cells
Presented at Next Gen Dx 2018
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